About Us

Suzhou Topo New Material Co., Ltd. is an engineering plastics manufacturer and supplier located in the beautiful city of Suzhou. After 30 years of accumulation, we focus on future development and better service customers and set up a new Suzhou Topo New Material Co., Ltd. Mainly engaged in PC, PC/ABS, PA, ABS, PBT enhancement, flame retardant, toughening, alloy, wear-resistant, conductive, nano filling and other special requirements of the modified production, in addition to undertaking the processing of injection products, in order to ensure product quality and provide quality and perfect service, the company has introduced advanced material performance testing equipment and environmental protection detector.

Main Product

Our products are sold all over the world

  • PC Series

    Injection molding, Flame Retardant PC Granules up to UL94-V0 (3.0MM), high toughness, high impact strength, high temperature resistance, high gloss and strong light transmission; 5%-30% glass fiber reinforced PC material, High toughness, high strength resistant, dimensionally stable, customized and factory direct.
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  • PP Series

    Injection grade PP,5%~40% talc/mineral filled PP material, high strength, smooth surface high glossy, easy molding process; flame retardant V0-5VA, low smoke, low density;5%~45% glass fiber reinforced PP material, high strength, low warpage, customized.
  • ABS Series

    Engineering plastics manufacturers provide injection molding, heat resistant ABS material, superior in heat resistance, impact resistance, and chemical resistance, easy molding, good insulation properties. Dimensionally stable, high temperature resistance, low dimensional shrinkage, easy processing;UL-94 V0 flame retardant ABS, good rigid toughness balance, good processing fluidity and excellent insulation performance.

Product Display

The whole series of products in engineering plastics manufacturer & supplier have reached the requirements of environmental protection.

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Our strength

Enjoy customer service & customer satisfaction from engineering plastics manufacturer and supplier.

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