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Crawling template


Product Description

Composition of a crawl template

Industrial building

The system allows for the construction of high crawl Spaces on site, avoiding filling them with inert materials. And you can use this space to install wires or pipes. Reinforced concrete structures can be constructed with new crawling formwork, similar to floor slabs supported by columns. This ensures a high carrying capacity to withstand loads that are typical of industrial environments.


Residential construction

The crawling formwork was installed to create a variable height gap to protect the residential building from rising moisture in the foundation and radon, a radioactive gas harmful to human health. In the case of low bearing foundations, it is necessary to build deeper foundations. The crawling template device avoids the filling of inert materials, creating a large crawling space that can be used for a variety of purposes.


Entrance ramp

The crawling template system can overcome the horizontal difference. Slopes can be constructed in two ways:

• Insert an inclined dome (inclination up to 5%) into the pipe;

• Shape the pipe to create a step and place the dome horizontally (maximum height of step: 8 cm); Maximum slope and applied load must be communicated to technical department first.


Tree planting protection

Used to protect tree roots along the road. Often the rooting space is blocked by cables, sewage or road underground. All of these obstacles can cause turbulence on the road. Use placement templates to allow roots to grow between pipes.


Rainwater tanks

Can be used to store large amounts of rainwater in a small space. The tank can be inspected through a pit to allow cleaning, check the water level, system function and microbiological status of the water.


Maintenance channel

The gaps between the columns allow easy movement within the structure for inspection and maintenance.