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The fifth generation concrete structure with hole core die

HDPE material, thin wall cavity structure


Product Description

Through the continuous innovation efforts of the company's R & D department, finally successfully developed the fifth generation of concrete structure with hole core die. Compared with the fourth generation of products have more advantages.


In terms of material: in addition to retaining all the advantages of the previous generation, the fifth generation products have unique shape and structure design and integrated manufacturing process. The fifth generation products have better pressure resistance and higher bearing capacity than the fourth generation products.

In terms of shape, the fifth generation products are integrally formed and can be made on site. What's more advantageous is that the side body of our fifth generation products is a rounded rectangle. After field test, the rounded rectangle will have a higher hollow rate than the hexagon of the fourth generation side body and save the use of concrete. On average, each product can save 1-2 yuan of concrete cost, and the structural mechanics is more solid. The fourth generation products are divided into upper and lower parts, which need to be formed twice and transported to the site for re assembly. Therefore, the fifth generation products do not need to be assembled, which saves a lot of transportation costs and labor costs.