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Fan Coil Unit Air Conditioner System

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The fan coil air conditioner system consists of one or more fan coil units and cold and heat supply systems. Fan coil unit is composed of fan, coil and filter. As the terminal device of air-conditioning system, it is distributed in each air-conditioning room and can deal with air independently. The cold and hot water needed for air-conditioning are centralized prepared by air-conditioning room and supplied to each fan-coil unit through water supply system.

Composition of Fan coil Unit

Fan coil unit is composed of fan, motor, coil, air filter, and box.

(1) Fan

The fan is one of the main components in the fan coil air conditioner, which acts to transport air. At the same time, it is the power that causes forced convection heat transfer in the coil and enhances heat exchange capacity. At present, the fan used in the fan coil has two types: a multi-blade centrifugal fan and a cross-flow fan.

(2) Coil

The coil is a heat exchanger and is an important part of the fan coil unit. Nowadays, most of the copper tube string aluminum sheets are used, and the tube is mechanically expanded to eliminate the contact thermal resistance. It is also made of rolled tubes, usually two rows of tubes or three rows of tubes.

(3) Air Filter

The filter material is made of coarse-porous foam plastics or fibre fabrics, which can be cleaned or replaced.

(4) Fan Motor

Generally, capacitive circuit and oil bearing are used, and no refueling is required. Note that if it is not oil bearing, regular refueling should be carried out. Usually it has three gears to adjust the air volume, the air volume adjustment range is about 50%.

(5) Box

The concealed box is usually made of galvanized iron sheet. The surface of the open-packed box should be sprayed with paint or plastic. Before spraying, the iron plate should be treated by pickling and phosphating. The interior of the box must have good thermal insulation measures, so that the unit can maintain good thermal insulation effect when operating under wet conditions, so as to avoid shell condensation.

Working Principle of Fan Coil Unit

The fan inside the unit continuously circulates the air in the room, so that it is continuously cooled or heated through the coil of cooling water or hot water to keep the room temperature. Among them, the function of the air filter is to filter the dust in the circulating air in the room, improve the sanitary condition of the room, and at the same time protect the coil from being blocked by dust, ensuring the air volume and heat exchange effect.

Advantages of Fan Coil Unit Air Conditioning System

(1)It has low noise and it is suitable for hotel rooms.

(2)It has the advantage of individual control.

(3)It is easy to adjust and control the system partition.

(4)The fan coil unit is small in size and easy to arrange and install.

Cautions for Use of Fan Coil Unit Air Conditioning System

(1)The performance of the unit should be stable, especially the connection between the motor and the fan should not be loosened to prevent additional noise.

(2)Because the copper pipe diameter of the unit is small, filters must be installed on the water supply pipe of the unit to prevent blockage, and water treatment measures should be taken in the central engine room if necessary.

(3)The condensate pipe of the system must ensure the slope to prevent the condensate from being discharged poorly.

(4)Air filters should be installed in the return air outlet of fan coil units, and they should be cleaned or replaced regularly.

(5)Automatic exhaust valves should be installed at the top of the water system of air conditioning to ensure that the water system will not produce air plugs.

Maintenance of Fan Coil Unit 

The fan coil drip pan must be cleaned regularly, and the dust deposited in the drip pan must be cleaned. Otherwise, excessive deposited dust will reduce the capacity of air-conditioner drip pan. When condensate production is large, due to improper discharge, condensate overflows from the dripping pan and damages the ceiling of the room. Leakage of air conditioning caused by inclination or damage of fan coil water tray. And it will block the drainage outlet, and condensate overflows will also occur. What's more, it will become the breeding of bacteria and even mosquitoes, which poses a threat to the health of the people in the room. 

In addition, the daily maintenance of the main components such as filter and coil can not be neglected to ensure the normal operation of the device and provide fresh air and comfortable living environment for people.

Fan coil unit air conditioner system mainly uses indoor air to circulate, and is a healthy partner of home life. When purchasing air duct machine, we can choose according to the specific situation.