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Is It Useful To Install Drip Pan In Air Conditioning?

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With the improvement of people's living standards, air conditioning has become one of the household appliances used by more families. Air conditioning has a lot of parts, we should have a good understanding of the specific parts and functions. Air-conditioner drip pan is one of the important components of air-conditioning. 

The fan coil drip pan is used on the air conditioner external hanger. Its main function is to prevent water from leaking into the air conditioner external hanger when it is raining or frosting. From the appearance, the fan coil water tray looks like a relatively large rectangular sink, there will be a leaky pipe next to the water tray for drainage.

Reasons of Water Leakage in Air Conditioning Dripping Pan

1.The blockage in the middle of the condensate drain pipe can not drain or the inclination angle of the indoor machine is not right.

2.The surface temperature of the evaporator of the indoor unit is very low when the refrigeration mode of the air conditioner is running. When the water vapor in the indoor air is condensed on the surface of the evaporator, it condenses into water. When the water flows into the water receiving plate of the evaporator and the water reaches a certain amount in the evaporator water tray, it will be discharged along the drainage pipe to the outside.

3.When the above two abnormal conditions occur, the condensed water in the water tray cannot be discharged smoothly along the drain pipe, and some of the condensed water will overflow to the outside of the water tray, causing the air conditioner indoor unit to drip or leak water.

Dismantling and Installation Method of Drip Pan of Air Conditioning Indoor Unit

1.In the cooling state, you can open the cover of the two connecting pipe valves of the outdoor unit with a wrench and put them into the thin (high pressure valve) valve port, and close the valve quickly. After about 20 seconds, close the thick valve (low pressure), then turn off the power. In this way, the fluorine will be sent to the outside machine. And then you can dismantle the machine.

2.Valve should be opened to empty when installing. After fixing the internal and external machines, connect the air conditioners, mainly to make the connecting pipes of the internal and external machines tight, and be sure to connect them to prevent the refrigerant from leaking. Use the hex switch to hit the automatic air conditioner to open the high pressure valve (thin tube valve), and use the hexagon to hold the fluorinated thimble, so that the gas inside runs out, about 10 seconds.  Then open the high and low pressure valves and connect the power cables of the internal and external machines.

Note: The connecting pipe is copper and can't be coiled into a dead bend. Otherwise, it will affect the flow of refrigerant, resulting in the failure of refrigeration and heating.

The air-conditioner drip pan plays a very important role in the operation of air conditioning, because it can prevent water leakage and water seepage accidents. So we should be in ordinary life, also should pay attention to the maintenance of air-conditioner drip pan.