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Analysis Of The Causes Of Air Conditioner Water Leak(1)

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Air conditioners are available in every household. The leakage of air conditioners is also one of the common problems. What is the cause of air conditioners water leaks? What should I do if I encounter air conditioner water leaks? This article will analyze the causes and solutions of air conditioners leaks from the perspective of new machine installation and old machine leakage. Hope it can help you.

Water leakage caused by new machine installation problems

Cause 1: The horizontal orientation of the wall-mounted internal unit is incorrect.

Solution: Re-adjust the level. The air-conditioning indoor unit drain line is led from the right side, and the right side of the indoor unit is preferably lower, so that the dew condensation water can be discharged more smoothly. If the pipeline is taken from the left side, the indoor unit should be kept as horizontal as possible.

Cause 2: The wall-mounted indoor unit connecting pipe is low in the wall hole.

Solution: Re-punching or reaming to adjust the angle of the through-hole hole to reach the inner high and the outer low, which facilitates the outflow of water, and also prevents rainwater from flowing into the room.

Cause 3: The position of the wall outlet of the wall-mounted indoor unit is lower than the position of the wall hole, so that the condensed water cannot flow out.

Solution: Increase the height of the wall panel so that the indoor unit drain pipe is higher than the air conditioning hole for drainage.

Old machine leaking

Cause 1: Drainage pipe problem. After long-term use, the drain pipe will age, crack, and block the dust.The drain pipe is aging loose or curved into a wavy shape, which causes poor drainage. Some air conditioners will have a slight plugging of the drain pipe after a few years. If the inner machine and the wall hole are small, or the inner machine is slightly tilted, this will cause water to accumulate in the water tray. There will be a sticky thing that will cause the drain to clog the inner machine.

Solution: Re-adjust the drain pipe angle to tidy the squeezed pipe, shorten the drain pipe length or replace the water pipe;

Cause 2:The galvanized sheet for water guiding of the air conditioner indoor unit is bent or deformed.

Solution: Re-adjust or replace the galvanized sheet.

Cause 3: Causes of humidity. When the air conditioner indoor unit operates, the air deflector drip or the indoor and outdoor air humidity or temperature difference is large, which causes the air conditioner to drip.

Solution: You can adjust the air deflector to the horizontal angle and set the indoor air speed to low speed.

Cause 4: There is a crack in the air conditioning water tray, and the glue at the connection between the fan coil water tray and the drip pan falls off.

Solution: Replace the drip pan or reattach the drain connector.

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