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Over the years, toponew had served many customers and had become a partner of many international brands, toponew's service advantages are:
Consistent high quality products

Solve quality control services (stable inventory, timely delivery, strict quality control)

Indian agent
We met at the exhibition. Since the beginning of 2016, We had supplied pp square boxes with dozens of cabinet for them.
Our successful cooperation with our customers is mainly due to the following advantages:

1.The factory passed the inspection, the new factory is very clean and tidy, and the employees have professional qualities.
2.Solving customer demand for products
3.Very competitive price and good quality
4.Solving the problem of the customer's capital chain Based on the above, customers who are familiar with the procurement of such products do not need small batches of test orders, and they can directly purchase large quantities directly.

South American importer
Since the beginning of 2016, we have been cooperating for many times and have been placing high-efficiency pad mister.
Our successful cooperation with our customers is mainly due to the following advantages:

1.We basically met their extremely demanding factory inspection requirements.
2.Product quality requires filtration of up to 98%
3.Delivery time is required in one month to three months.
4.Very low price

Canadian importer-deep panchal
From Alibaba: our cooperation began in 2016, the number of cooperation has more than 3 times. They mainly purchased usb connectors.
We have successfully cooperated with our customers mainly because of the following service advantages.

1.Product analysis/packaging design service: free printing of trademarks, labeling, etc.
2.Solving quality control services
1)Customers had requirements for product transparency, and we produce transparency for customer requirements.
2)Customers had requirements for the length and performance of the data line, we guarantee to meet the requirements
3)Transportation service: the products were delivered to the location requested by the customer
4)The price is cheap and competitive