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Quality control standards

Design begins. Plastic products are always mold first then products, so having a high quality product mold is crucial.
The quality problem of products always occurs at the first site. The first site is the employees. It is necessary to have easy-to-operate guidance documents and familiar with the operating standards.
The first inspection of the production process. Before the large cargo, the products must be first tested before production, at least 3 different products at a time, every two hours to check. If it is found to be unqualified, it will stop production immediately.
In-plant QC inspection: Responsible by the workshop director, from production to packaging, grasp the quality of the first step of production, once a day
Before the shipment, the QC team should cross-check the goods with documents

Quality management system

In terms of quality management, we have established a sound quality management system to control and manage the whole process of product production. Customer satisfaction is always an indicator to measure our own value. We always aim at maximizing customer benefits, strictly in accordance with IS〇9001 standards, and clarify product quality requirements and objectives so that every customer can have the best. Product experience.

Process flow

Production process