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Company Profile

Extension(chinese characters “TUO” ), pioneering and enterprising, development of the land; flutter(chinese characters “PU” ), go all out, comprehensive coverage, TOPO is taken from Chinese “TUO PU”, which means: TOPO company will be pioneering and enterprising, serving customers wholeheartedly in the new material application field. Suzhou TOPO New Material Co., Ltd is a professional company dedicated to the solution of new materials.

As a high-tech enterprise born out of traditional enterprises, TOPO has more than 30 years of experience in building, plastic, electronic / electrical connectors. In the traditional manufacturing industry, we are committed to creating a standardized product for our customers. The traditional service is committed to providing professional services to our customers. Through the organic combination of both business model, high-tech enterprises create a new business model and are committed to providing customers with a complete set of solutions from product to service, with the aim of finally solving customer problems. TOPONEW is an enterprise dedicated to the research and development, design, production and sales of construction products.
We provide disposable formwork (for light filling applications) and reusable formwork (for modular applications). The company has a professional R&D technical team to provide customers with innovative structural solutions.
We have the technology, the capabilities and great people to meet customer’s various requirements. After years of development, the company has 14 experts in cross-domain applications, more than 50 professional and technical engineers, and has a number of patents and unique production and processing technology. At present, it cooperates with domestic and foreign well-known enterprises such as Panasonic, Sony, Deli Fenggen, Siemens, Galanz, Hewlett-Packard in electronic/electrical aspects, and also cooperates with China National Heavy Duty Truck, Hyundai, Jianghuai and other auto companies in automobile parts/machines.


Delivery of standard parts is one week!
Custom parts need to be reset according to customers’ demand